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Kasih Foundation (Yayasan Kasih, Co No: 791567-T) was incorporated on 10 Oct 2007 as a company limited by guarantee, and is governed by a Board of directors. The objects for which the company is established are to receive and administer funds to initiate, promote, organize and develop programs, activities, and services for charitable purposes, especially in medical care and education irrespective of race, creed or religion. Funds donated will benefit from tax exemption by the Inland Revenue of Malaysia.

Hospice Services under Kasih Hospice Care Society (KHC)
Kasih Hospice Care Society is a non- profit organization registered under Registrar of Society on 4th March 2005. (Registration number 0291-05-5). Kasih Hospice Care Society provides medical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support to people with life threatening diseases such as cancer, HIV/Aids, and end stage organ failures, and their families. The services are provided by dedicated doctors, nurses and volunteers, both at hospitals and at home. All the services are free of charge. (www.kasihhospice.org)

Living fully and dying well projects
Kasih Foundation promotes and organizes activities that help people to live fully, both physically and mentally. Through its Kasih Place, it conducts training in self-development, giving emotional support to others and Buddhist philosophy on universal compassion in dealing with living and dying. As it believes that people who live fully, eventually die well. The types of activities include:

  • Meditation
  • Cooking and eating healthily
  • Support groups for care givers and patients
  • Spirituality in Health

Training and education (currently undertaken by KHC)
Kasih foundation aims to create public awareness and interest in hospice services, self- transformation and self- healing. The activities include:

  • Hospice volunteer training
  • Workshop in professional skills in volunteerism
  • Public seminar
  • Study visits to other hospice organizations
  • How to live and serve better in Buddhist philosophy

Self sustaining project ( Undertaken by Kasih Place i.e. Kasih Laman Sdn Bhd)
As a non profit charity organization, Kasih Foundation depends on public support. However, public fund-raising is labour intensive and taxing on the public who are already facing financial challenges. Kasih Laman Sdn Bhd was therefore established to manage and operate Kasih Place to fund Kasih Hospice’s free-of-charge services and other free community services of the Foundation. In this way, the Foundation aims to enable KHC and its public-serving activities to enjoy a higher degree of self-funding and self-sustanence.

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Directors of Kasih Foundation
  Goh Pik Pin, born 1962 , a medical doctor since 1988 , an ophthalmologist since 1996, a Hubert H Humphrey fellow in 1999 and Prime Minister fellow in 2000. Being a doctor practising in public hospital, she realises there are many people who are really in need of help when face with end of life issues.. Together with other committee members of Losang Dragpa Buddhist Society, they established Kasih Hospice Care Society under the registrar of Society in 1997 to provide hospice service to patients with terminal illness, free of charge. Dr.Goh is the current president. In order to help people who are dying and to encourage healthy people to adopt a positive perspective of death and dying, she along with Mr.Wong Koei Onn and Dr.Siow Chih Peng founded Kasih Foundation. Her wish is to inspire more people to be aware of impermanence nature of life and to be prepared and face death and dying with joy..
  Wong Koei Onn, born 1951. He started his career with an international accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur where he worked as an auditor and qualified as a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK. He was a Group Accountant and Secretary of a public company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, and was thereafter a Business Director in a private company before his retirement. He was a pioneer volunteer with the hospice services division set up by Losang Dragpa Buddhist Society in 1997. He became its Honorary Treasurer when the said division registered itself as a society under the name of Kasih Hospice Care Society, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, in 2005, and he has since been holding that post.
  Siow Chih Peng, born 1963. She graduated from University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland with her basic medical degree in 1988. She worked as a medical doctor in Ireland and U.K.and various government hospitals including University Hospital, in Malaysia. She has since stopped practising medicine and has been actively involved in volunteer work in Kasih Hospice Care Society since 2006.She has been an executive committee member of KHC since July 2007.
  Lau Beng Long born in 1954, is currently the Managing Director of Sunway Group Healthcare Services. He has more than 30 years experience in healthcare facility management and planning in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. He was a board member of the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia and Singapore Hospice Council.He is also a volunteer Board Member of Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore; Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, Penang; Kasih Hospice Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.