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Kasih Foundation promotes and organizes activities that help people to live fully through holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As it believes that people who live fully, will not fear of death and eventually will die well. These living well projects is fondly called Kasih Place.

To promote living meaningfully with healthy lifestyle and to start doing so early, not when one is having signs of low vitality or sickness .

Scope and activities

  1. Repaying your kindness sharing session - share inspiring or difficult moments, thoughts or actions one has done that bring positive energy in others and oneself
  2. Support groups for patients diagnosed to have terminal illness – exploring meaning of life through contemplation
  3. Meditation and prayers – mindfulness meditation, healing meditation, chanting
  4. Exercises for good health and stress release -relaxation exercise, Yoga, Qi Gong, stretches
  5. Nutrition - knowledge on good nutrition, cooking classes and recipe sharing which focus on eating healthily
  6. Spirituality in Health- how to deal with illness, overcome problems and transforming problems to happiness. Basic dharma session.
  7. Healthy pastimes/ wholesome hobbies –home gardening, pets keeping, art therapy, music therapy, calligraphy, reading and sharing a book, Buddhist movies screening in center.
  8. Environmental friendly- learning about responsibility to preserve Mother Nature, ways to reuse, reduce and recycle, Go Green activities, outdoor excursions –visit farms, nature walk. .

As a non profit charity organization, Kasih Foundation depends on public's funds donation. However, fund-raising projects are both labour-intensive and taxing on the public who are already facing financial challenges. Kasih Laman Sdn Bhd was therefore established to undertake entrepreneurial activities so that profits gained will wholly support Kasih Foundation's activities, especially hospice services. In this way, the Foundation may enjoy some degree of self-funding and self-sustenance.

Kasih Place brings to you a wide variety of products promoting healthy living of body,mind and spirit. Wholesome food, eco-friendly personal care products, relaxing music, buddhist hymms and many more exciting goodies....now all at your fingertips...come to Kasih Place at no.16, Jalan SS3/29 Petaling Jaya.