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Besides providing hospice service, KHC aims to create public awareness on Hospice and application of spiritual values, particularly Buddhism on death and dying. KHC provides regular hospice volunteer training and Buddhism in Hospice study group session.

Hospice Volunteer Training Courses
There are 2 levels of volunteer training courses:

  1. Basic course aims to introduce principles of hospice care and sharing ways to cultivate positive approaches to change, loss and death.
  2. Intermediate course is for volunteers who have completed basic courses and have been doing hospital visits. It includes practical nursing and communication skills as well as ways to transform one’s kindness and compassion into skillful actions.

The volunteer training courses are conducted by palliative care specialists and senior volunteers both in English and Chinese languages.

We also conduct Caregivers Workshops which is a practical yet holistic workshop on what to do in a situation of a sick (or aged) person living at home, the medical, emotional and spiritual challenges and how to care for such a person and how to care for the caregiver.

Both courses are suited to anyone and any family who is facing this life-challenge or expects to in the near future

Study Visits
KHC volunteers make study visits to hospice organizations locally and abroad. We had made visits to Dover Park Hospice,Assisi Home & Hospice,Metta Hospice Care and Bright Vision Hospital in Singapore in 2005 and 2012.

Continuous Professional Development Programme
Home care service teams which consist of doctors, nurses, and trained volunteers meet every Thursday to have case discussion, to share knowledge on clinical management, mainly symptom control and discuss best ways to manage patients of different temperaments and with challenging situations.

Other Educational Activities
KHC doctors and volunteers have been invited to give talks at other NGOs, Buddhist societies, hospitals and schools, as well as international and national Buddhist conferences.

KHC has also conducted public seminars and workshops such as:

1. Hospice Public Seminar on 'The Power of the Mind' (2005) and 'The Power of Compassion'(2006)
2. Dealing with death and dying for the benefit of oneself and others workshops.
3. The 12th. Malaysian Hospice Council Congress in April 2016 in Collaboration with Malaysia Hospice Council.